Edward Lloyd-Hut, Hut, Hike! (Your Tax Bill)

The 2016 NFL season is in full swing, and fans are spending billions of dollars to show their loyalty to their teams. The average ticket costs $92.98. The average beer runs $7.38. Even parking can cost as much as $75 to see the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. And fans spend billions more on licensed hats, jerseys, jackets, and other apparel.

Edward Lloyd

But teams don’t always return that loyalty. In recent years, the Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Oilers became the Tennessee Titans, and the St. Louis Rams, who had previously been the Los Angeles Rams, scampered back to LA. In most cases, teams make lateral moves to new hometowns to find better stadium deals. These days, a 10-year-old stadium is about as exciting as a quarterback with a torn hamstring.

Now the Oakland Raiders — who started out in Oakland before moving to Los Angeles before moving back to Oakland — are hoping to move again, this time to Las Vegas. Once again, a new stadium is the big incentive. So let’s take a look at the role taxes will play in the move.

A top-notch quarterback can cost north of $20 million per year. But a top-notch stadium costs closer to two billion. That’s a lot for an NFL owner to swallow, even with the average team worth $2.43 billion. So it’s customary for owners to approach their civic hosts with tin cups outstretched, looking for help to foot the bill. And taxpayers are usually happy to help — over the last 20 years, state and local governments have ponied up nearly half the cost of building or renovating stadiums for the league’s 32 teams.

Here’s what’s happening in Vegas. Raiders owner Mark Davis says he’s willing to throw $500 million towards a proposed $1.9 billion, 65,000-seat domed stadium. Casino owner Sheldon Adelson is willing to to hand off $650 million more. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has signed a bill hiking hotel taxes by 0.88% to cover the remaining $750 million. The plan also involves accelerating $899 million in transportation improvements already on the drawing board. Will all that spending turn out to be a smart bet?

At least the Las Vegas plan involves tackling visitors for the tax money. (Hotel taxes are especially popular sources for stadium revenue.) But sometimes public financing leads to a complete fumble. St. Louis dropped $259 million on the Edward Jones Dome to lure the Rams from LA, financing it with 30-year bonds. The team stayed for 21 years before sacking St. Louis to return to California. Now St. Louis taxpayers are stuck paying $12 million per year for a football stadium with no football team in it. It’s going to take a lot of tractor pulls to cover that bill.

Team owners and their lobbyists argue that shiny new stadiums pay for themselves in the form of jobs, spending, and sales taxes. But study after study shows that’s rarely true. Ultimately, it comes down to supply and demand. There are only 32 teams in the league, but there are far more cities that want one. Politicians can promise until they’re blue in the face that they won’t raise taxes. But what elected official wants to face his voters after letting a greedy owner strip their team from their town?

We realize that your game plan probably doesn’t involve paying more tax to finance a stadium. In fact, it probably involves paying less. That’s where we come in. So hand us the ball and let us take it up the field for you. We’re confident you’ll cheer for the savings. And remember, we’re here for all your teammates, too!  Thank you!  Ed Lloyd & Associates

Trust All Your Financial Needs with Ed Lloyd & Associates- A Reputed Accounting Firm

Ed Lloyd is a renowned name who has secured his position strong in the business by offering truly customer-oriented accounting and tax planning services. He is a knowledgeable, capable and highly educated accountant and tax preparer based in the United States helping the businesses and organizations to improve the efficiency of their business. Not only in tax planning, Ed Lloyd has also shown his expertise and caliber in auditing and has helped many companies solve their auditing problem.

Ed Lloyd and his team at Ed Lloyd and Associates, PLLC – Charlotte, North Carolina has gained a lot of appreciation from their clients for their sheer professionalism and commitment towards their work. The knowledge and experience that they have gained all these years has made them a most renowned figure in the United States. The in-depth knowledge of the tax laws, financial planning, calculating taxes, auditing services etc has kept their popularity always on the rise.

Ed Lloyd & Associates, PLLC company are considered as the best source for obtaining top-notch tax planning and accounting services. No matter whether you are small, a mid-sized or a large organization, it is crucial for you to update your accounts and records on a daily basis. This is not only vital for you to know about the standing of your company, but also keeps a finger on the financial records of your business. Therefore, to help your business gain a competitive edge, immediately contact the professionals of Ed Lloyd & Associates, PLLC.

Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC- A Name That is Taken with Respect in the United States

Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC are a Certified Public Accountant and provide various accounting and tax services to organizations and individuals in Charlotte. Keeping a finger on the pulsation of your bookkeeping section can give you an insight of the recent monetary position of the company. To help you administer and update your accounts and books in a timely manner, Ed Lloyd CPA brings to you its top-quality accounting services.

The team at Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC is highly skilled, knowledgeable and talented. They work with you to help you recognize the challenges that can gather up at the time of or during business dealings. With an extraordinary focus on chief measures to make official procedures more effective, Ed Lloyd CPA customizes their services to meet up the recent and long-standing objectives of your firm.

With years of experience in the field of tax planning and accounting, they have become the first choice of business owners to trust their financial needs. There is a long list of happy customers whom Ed Lloyd CPA has served. Satisfied customers have not only trusted their accounting with them for years, but have also referred them to their friends and relatives. They take time to understand the business functioning and then come up with a great plan that can enhance the efficiency and maximize the profits.

Partner with Ed Lloyd & Associates for reaching to improved decisions and getting a clear picture of the business transactions. Contact them now to know more!

Cope Up With Taxation Hassles Effectively with Ed Lloyd & Associates in the United States

Inefficient resources, limited time, faulty systems are several factors that can act as a barrier in the path of success.  Therefore, to overcome all these factors and take your business to the next level, it is extremely crucial for you to hire an  experienced and skilled accounting firm that can manage your official accounts in a timely manner.  Ed Lloyd & Associates is one such name to reckon with if you are in search of the trusted professionals that can enhance the efficiency and performance of  your firm. It is a Charlotte based firm that has been delivering impeccable financial services from last many years.  You do not need to worry when you know a group of highly skilled professionals is there to assist you with their meticulous services.

On having served the accounting needs of the businesses and organizations from last years,  Ed Lloyd & Associates – Charlotte CPA Firm has gained rich experience in the field.  Even you are in search of someone that can handle your accounting needs effectively or want to seek expert guide regarding making sound investments, look no other than Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC. They are the real professionals, and are committed to passing on meticulous services each and every time.

Ed Lloyd CPA at Ed Lloyd & Associates, PLLC  enjoys a long standing reputation in the region. The reputation that they enjoy is the result of sincere efforts and hard work that they put into each work.They go an extra mile to fulfill the varied needs of the businesses.

Ed Lloyd & Associates- An Accounting Specialist From Charlotte, U.S.

Every kind of business, whether small scale or large scale, requires to maintain proper accounting records to be able to properly comprehend its standing in the market. Ed Lloyd & Associates is a trustworthy name in the United States of America to obtain efficient accounting services that are highly beneficial and go a long way in obtaining crisp financial data about the company. It is a Charlotte based company that is known for providing customers with top-notch accounting solutions and also tax planning services.

Ed Lloyd & Associates have served a large number of corporations and has earned the trust of clients by presenting them with outstanding tax strategies that go far in saving their hard earned money. They provide top-notch services for recording business expenses and reducing your audit risk. Moreover, they also work to provide you with an exit strategy for your business while enhancing your retirement options remarkably.

Ed Lloyd & Associates specialize in accounting services and tax reduction strategies that are particularly designed keeping in mind your long term goals in mind. The company has more than a decade’s experience in the industry and is regarded as the best resource for settling down all the accounting as well as tax planning needs of organizations.

The team is highly knowledgeable and is well-versed about all the latest government guidelines so as to provide customers with complete and error-free data that not only safeguards them from the IRS penalties, but also goes far in providing with a clear picture about the financial situation of your company.

Ed LLoyd & Associates – Why it is Important to Hire an Income Tax Attorney

What is the need of hiring a tax attorney? This is the first question that may come to your mind while filing taxes? A tax attorney or a tax management expert is a person who specializes in tax law. He or she is the person who provides various tax management services, says Ed LLoyd& Associates PLLC, a tax preparation expert company. A tax management expert is the best person who manages all the tax related legal issues.

According to Edward LLoyd, you need a tax management expert if you have:

  • A taxable property and you need to make some complex financial strategies or you have to file a tax return.
  • Started a business and need legal advice from an expert.
  • Been engaged in some international business and need legal help with the contracts.
  • Any criminal record and are going under investigation by the IRS.
  • Investments and you have a risk on some legal issues.
  • Some complex products like life insurance,etc.

What a Tax Attorney Must Have?

  • A Juris Doctor degree, that must be admitted to the state bar
  • A proper training in tax law
  • An accounting background (optional)

How to Find a Good Tax Advisor?

  • Refer Family & Friends

Ed LLoyd& Associates suggest that you can speak to your friends and family for some good tax advisor in your own area as may be they had a good experience with some tax advisor.

  • Browse the Internet

You can check for good advisors on the internet as well. You will be able to find a network of tax experts in your local area only, says Ed LLoyd.

  • The Institute of Financial Planning

It has a list of certified experts and it is one of the accredited firm as well.

What to Ask an Advisor?

  • Are you working independently?
  • How will I communicate with you? What is your preference – email, phone, fax?
  • Do you have an authorized certificate?
  • What all qualifications you have?
  • From where did you got your tax law training?
  • How many clients you have worked with till now?

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