Edward Lloyd-Hut, Hut, Hike! (Your Tax Bill)

The 2016 NFL season is in full swing, and fans are spending billions of dollars to show their loyalty to their teams. The average ticket costs $92.98. The average beer runs $7.38. Even parking can cost as much as $75 to see the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. And fans spend billions more on licensed hats, jerseys, jackets, and other apparel.

Edward Lloyd

But teams don’t always return that loyalty. In recent years, the Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Oilers became the Tennessee Titans, and the St. Louis Rams, who had previously been the Los Angeles Rams, scampered back to LA. In most cases, teams make lateral moves to new hometowns to find better stadium deals. These days, a 10-year-old stadium is about as exciting as a quarterback with a torn hamstring.

Now the Oakland Raiders — who started out in Oakland before moving to Los Angeles before moving back to Oakland — are hoping to move again, this time to Las Vegas. Once again, a new stadium is the big incentive. So let’s take a look at the role taxes will play in the move.

A top-notch quarterback can cost north of $20 million per year. But a top-notch stadium costs closer to two billion. That’s a lot for an NFL owner to swallow, even with the average team worth $2.43 billion. So it’s customary for owners to approach their civic hosts with tin cups outstretched, looking for help to foot the bill. And taxpayers are usually happy to help — over the last 20 years, state and local governments have ponied up nearly half the cost of building or renovating stadiums for the league’s 32 teams.

Here’s what’s happening in Vegas. Raiders owner Mark Davis says he’s willing to throw $500 million towards a proposed $1.9 billion, 65,000-seat domed stadium. Casino owner Sheldon Adelson is willing to to hand off $650 million more. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has signed a bill hiking hotel taxes by 0.88% to cover the remaining $750 million. The plan also involves accelerating $899 million in transportation improvements already on the drawing board. Will all that spending turn out to be a smart bet?

At least the Las Vegas plan involves tackling visitors for the tax money. (Hotel taxes are especially popular sources for stadium revenue.) But sometimes public financing leads to a complete fumble. St. Louis dropped $259 million on the Edward Jones Dome to lure the Rams from LA, financing it with 30-year bonds. The team stayed for 21 years before sacking St. Louis to return to California. Now St. Louis taxpayers are stuck paying $12 million per year for a football stadium with no football team in it. It’s going to take a lot of tractor pulls to cover that bill.

Team owners and their lobbyists argue that shiny new stadiums pay for themselves in the form of jobs, spending, and sales taxes. But study after study shows that’s rarely true. Ultimately, it comes down to supply and demand. There are only 32 teams in the league, but there are far more cities that want one. Politicians can promise until they’re blue in the face that they won’t raise taxes. But what elected official wants to face his voters after letting a greedy owner strip their team from their town?

We realize that your game plan probably doesn’t involve paying more tax to finance a stadium. In fact, it probably involves paying less. That’s where we come in. So hand us the ball and let us take it up the field for you. We’re confident you’ll cheer for the savings. And remember, we’re here for all your teammates, too!  Thank you!  Ed Lloyd & Associates

Ed Lloyd & Associates- Your Ideal Tax Saving Partner

Ed Lloyd & Associates is a successful Charlotte based Certified Public Accountant, popularly known as CPA. The company represent impressive practical experience in designing various kinds of tax saving methodologies intended to save your hard earned dollars from the shackles of tax restrictions. They are the leaders in the industry and treat every client on a priority basis. They demonstrate to their clients various smart industry standards to legitimately report their costs of doing business while significantly decreasing the audit risks. Not only this, they also provide a sharp exit strategy for your business and upgrade your retirement alternatives remarkably. The extraordinary assessment systems adopted by them have helped organizations in Charlotte, NC and all through the United States, by assisting them in managing their expenses responsibly.

It is a general approach to contact a CPA when people need help with tax preparation and are disappointed with the absence of the true advices to take a right step. It is in such situations, that institutions like Ed Lloyd & Associates come to the rescue of people. As they have enough practical experience in dealing with various types of business exercises in the best possible manner, they serve as an ideal tax saving partner of their clients. They follow an exclusive strategy where they first concentrate on tax planning, and then move to bookkeeping administrations and legitimate documentation, and lastly they handle their clients’ tax preparation.

You require more than somebody who will come in towards the end and simply record the historical backdrop of what happened over the previous year. You require somebody who represents considerable authority in accounting services and tax reduction procedures, who has your long term engages as a top priority and can help you create a plan to appropriately track your reasoning, lessen your pay charges, dodge expensive reviews, set up your assessments and provide you with a comprehensive guide to build your riches.

Ed Lloyd is one name that you can trust to put all such concerns at rest. He has been practicing as a proficient CPA since the year 1990 and as an entrepreneur since 1994. He is very considerate and takes the time to listen to the insights about your business, and recognize the missteps and lost avenues that could be placing you in audit risk and costing you dearly. He works to provide you with a foolproof plan that significantly covers all your issues and provides you with the most feasible solution.

Financial and Legal Tips by Ed LLoyd & Associates PLLC for Parents with Young Children

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Turned parents? Be responsible with sound finance planning through Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC

Parenthood is one that demands thorough responsibility and this responsibility extends in every sphere of your life. Parents of young children should look out for financial and legal tips especially from reliable sources through Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC . This will help parents secure their future and the future of their kids too.

With the addition of children in your family, one needs to have assistance every step of the way. Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC extend some very trustworthy advisory services that ensure that families never derail their financial planning. It cannot be stressed enough that bookkeeping services, accounting services, on-site accounting services are some of the things that you simply cannot evade.

In order to make life easier for the family, some known agencies like Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC  extend excellent Quick Books Services and in fact they are one of the few certified ones to do so. With executives that cater to you individually and are eager to customize according to your unique needs, it turns out to be a great boon.

Some of the other known and demanding tasks that are made simpler are the felicitation of accounting software. Unique solutions for clients for efficiency in their businesses are provided. The role of a business adviser is upheld well and thorough business analysis remains at the client’s behest. Another very important service that they extend regards a growing family with children is a sound planning of their future.

There can be help sought for mergers and acquisitions, business valuation and wealth management that can take the entire load off the couple that obviously has too many things on their hands. In fact if truth be told, Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC  has some very remarkable services like online client newsletter link, opt-in form links, links to information regarding business and individual taxes and more.

Hence, it may not be very dreary for the parents of young children for there can be immense help sought so that it can be smooth sailing from the financial planning point of view.

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Ed Lloyd & Associates cater to all business needs

For any business to work efficiently, you need to work with CPAs who help you achieve best financial results. As a professional services firm, Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC help you understand the challenges that can crop up at the time of or during business transactions. With special focus on key procedures to make paperwork flow more effective, we customize our services to meet the current and long-term goals of your firm.

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