Ed LLoyd & Associates – Why it is Important to Hire an Income Tax Attorney

What is the need of hiring a tax attorney? This is the first question that may come to your mind while filing taxes? A tax attorney or a tax management expert is a person who specializes in tax law. He or she is the person who provides various tax management services, says Ed LLoyd& Associates PLLC, a tax preparation expert company. A tax management expert is the best person who manages all the tax related legal issues.

According to Edward LLoyd, you need a tax management expert if you have:

  • A taxable property and you need to make some complex financial strategies or you have to file a tax return.
  • Started a business and need legal advice from an expert.
  • Been engaged in some international business and need legal help with the contracts.
  • Any criminal record and are going under investigation by the IRS.
  • Investments and you have a risk on some legal issues.
  • Some complex products like life insurance,etc.

What a Tax Attorney Must Have?

  • A Juris Doctor degree, that must be admitted to the state bar
  • A proper training in tax law
  • An accounting background (optional)

How to Find a Good Tax Advisor?

  • Refer Family & Friends

Ed LLoyd& Associates suggest that you can speak to your friends and family for some good tax advisor in your own area as may be they had a good experience with some tax advisor.

  • Browse the Internet

You can check for good advisors on the internet as well. You will be able to find a network of tax experts in your local area only, says Ed LLoyd.

  • The Institute of Financial Planning

It has a list of certified experts and it is one of the accredited firm as well.

What to Ask an Advisor?

  • Are you working independently?
  • How will I communicate with you? What is your preference – email, phone, fax?
  • Do you have an authorized certificate?
  • What all qualifications you have?
  • From where did you got your tax law training?
  • How many clients you have worked with till now?

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One thought on “Ed LLoyd & Associates – Why it is Important to Hire an Income Tax Attorney

  1. thanks a lot Ed Lloyd for telling about importance of Income Tax Attorney, now I’m start thinking about hiring one for my accounts.


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