Make Tax Planning Convenient with Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC

Tired of those taxes slapped on your income each year? There is a multitude of investment plans floating around in the taxation market, each promising a return like none other. Helping you make the right decisions while planning your taxes, Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC  offer you a wide gamut of services to ensure you safe smartly. Their tax services include:

Preparing your Taxes

With years of relevant experience in tax planning, professionals at Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC offer just the right solutions to reduce taxes. From a strategic tax plan to making sure your accounts are accurate, every little aspect is taken care of. Professionals at Ed Lloyd check your documents thoroughly to see if you are making the right tax payments.

Perform financial review

Ed Lloyd & Associates offer you an easy-to-understand report, analyzing your business and its various income sources. Following this, your income charts are prepared along with business and individual tax returns on joint ventures, shares, bonds, etc. Clients are given a clear picture on what are the most profitable ways of saving big bucks on taxes.

Year-end tax planning

From reviewing your business to drafting your tax report for the whole year, all kinds of services are provided at Ed Lloyd. All you need to send them is a detailed form on your tax returns so far and income sources. And these forms are easily available on their website.

Representing you with IRS

From your audit representation with the IRS to sales and property tax audits and resolving payroll tax penalties, Ed Lloyd professionals know it all. When you have outstanding taxes, they evaluate your situation and give you the right advice.

Whether you run your own business, have a small set up, or are working under someone, you do not want to spend on those unnecessary taxes that take away your hard-earned money. So invest today in the right deals with help from experienced lawyers.

Have some more questions about tax planning? Read – Strategic Tax planning by Ed Lloyd & Associates


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